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OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI

Good quality Motorcycle Spark Plugs for sales
Good quality Motorcycle Spark Plugs for sales
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OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI

China OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI supplier
OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI supplier OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI supplier OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI supplier OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI supplier

Large Image :  OEM Durable Motorcycle Spark Plugs E6TC Iridium For YAMAHA / HONGDA / SUZUKI

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AGM
Certification: ISO9001:9002
Model Number: E6TC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000PCS
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: 10pcs/box, 400pcs/ctn
Delivery Time: 20days afer deposit
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 1800000pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
Spanner Size: 16mm Outer Thread: 14*1.25mm
Thread Length: 12.7mm Material: Iridium
Spark Plug: 1earthed Electrode Color: White
Gap: 0.6mm

OEM High Quality durable Motorcycle spark plug E6TC,iridium spark plug for YAMAHA, HONGDA, SUZUKI engines



Product Specifications


1. Multi-ribs of insulator eliminate flashover.

2. Insulator made of 95% pure alumina, strong resistant to heat shock.

3. Nickel plated housing prevents oxidation and corrosion.

4. Heat crimping process ensures absolute gas-tight fit.

5. Inner sealing with conductivity glass ensures a fine conductivity and sealing.

6. Multi-layer gaskets are elastically strong, and reliable in sealing.



Status: Normal
Packing Unit: 1
Quantity per Packing Unit: 1
Diameter [mm] 14
Spanner Size 20.6
Weight [g] 52
Spark Plug 1 - Earthed Electrode
Thread Measurement 1 12.7
Specification 1.5Ni



Replacement spark plugs for E6TC iridium 


Brand Model
AC Delco 41F
AC Delco 42F
AC Delco 430Z
AC Delco M42FF
AC Delco MC42F
AC Delco R41F
AC Delco R42CF
AC Delco S42F
Accel 156
Accel ACC7HS
Autolite 2636
Autolite 2653
Autolite 2654
Autolite 4092
Autolite 4093
Autolite 413
Autolite XS4093
Beck Arnley 176-5006
Beru 0001445702
Beru 14-4A
Beru 14-4A2
Beru 14-4AU
Beru 14-5A
Beru 14-5AU
Beru 14Z-7AU
Beru 225/14
Beru 240/14
Beru Z 40
Beru Z 40
Beru Z40
Bosch 0241245580
Bosch 0241245602
Bosch W225T1
Bosch W3AC
Bosch W4C3
Bosch W5A
Bosch W5AC
Bosch W5AP
Bosch WR5AC
Bosch WR5AP
Bosch stk 7528
Bosch stk 7532
Brisk N14
Brisk N14C
Brisk N15
Brisk N15C
stk 807
stk 811
stk 835
Denso 4025
Denso 5379
Denso 6051
Denso IWF22
Denso TR22
Denso W22FS
Denso W22FS-U
Denso W22FSU
Denso stk 4025
Enker F80C
Eyquem 755
Eyquem 850
Eyquem 850 MOTO
Eyquem C62
Fuji 065-01400-41
Fuji 065-01400-90
General Motors 5612871
General Motors 5613200
General Motors 5613456
General Motors 5613817
General Motors 5614011
General Motors 5614067
Hitachi M44W
Hitachi M44X
Honda 98076-57710
Honda 98076-57740
Iskra F80
Iskra F80S
Isolator M14-225
Isolator M14225
Kawasaki 92070001
Kawasaki E92070-0001
Kawasaki E92070001
Kubota 13581-6771-6
Kubota 13581-67710
Kubota 13581-67716
Lodge 2H
Lodge 2HN
Magneti Marelli CW250A
Magneti Marelli CW260N
Magneti Marelli CW8N
Magneti Marelli CWC9NJ
Marchal Valeo 34S
Marchal Valeo 4N
Mercruiser 33-811
Mercruiser 33-811S
Mercruiser 33-82371B
Mercruiser 33-82371M
Mercury 82371B
Mercury 82371M
Mighty M4E4
Mitsubishi 801033
Mitsubishi MS 851 134
Mitsubishi MS851134
Motorcraft AE1C
Motorcraft AE1X
Motorcraft AE2
Motorcraft AE2C
Motorcraft AE2X
Motorcraft AES4C
Motorcraft AV2CU
Motorcraft AV2X
Motorcraft stk 41
Napa X531
NGK stk 5110
OMC 387694
OMC 509929
PAL (Brisk) 17-9
PAL (Brisk) N8
Prestolite 1,40E+002
Prestolite 1,40E+003
Prestolite 1400
Prestolite 14E2
PSA Peugeot Citroën 756759
Splitfire SF409B
Splitfire SF409C
Subaru 82054-9310
Subaru 82054-9312
Subaru 820549310
Subaru 820549312
Suzuki 09482-00082
Suzuki 09482-00083
Suzuki 09482-00153
Suzuki 09482-00191
Tacti V91104025
Toyota 90098-22645
Unipart GSP2050
Unipart GSP560
Wolf 2016 301
Wolf 2016301
Yamaha 94700-00040
Yamaha 94701 00040
Yamaha 94701-00040
Yamaha 94702 00149
Yamaha 94702-00040
Yamaha 94702-00149
Yamaha 94703-00040


Applications of B7HS Spark Plug


DAIHATSU 995-2021-2361-32
HONDA 98076-57710
HONDA 98076-57740
HONDA 98076-58710
HONDA 98076-58740
KAWASAKI E92070001
SUZUKI 09482-00198
SUZUKI 09482-00082
SUZUKI 09482-00278
SUZUKI 09482-00375
YAMAHA 94703-00040
YAMAHA 94703-00041
YAMAHA 94700-00041
YAMAHA 94702-00149
YAMAHA 94701-00041
YAMAHA 94702-00041
YAMAHA 94701-00040
YAMAHA 94702-00040
YAMAHA 94700-00040



Replacing Spark Plugs:


Step 1 - First, identify the ignition system your car has, most cars have a DIS (direct ignition system, shown). The HEI (high energy ignition) this ignition system has a distributor with cap and rotor. The COS system (coil over spark plug) which has no plug wires just ignition coils. Firmly grab a hold of the spark plug wire at the boot nearest the spark plug. Gently but firmly twist the boot to loosen the seal, now remove the spark plug wire.


Step 2 - Remove debris from the spark plug hole, (canned air works best) then use a socket wrench and spark plug socket to loosen and remove the spark plug (counter clockwise). Before you remove the spark plugs, mark the plug wires to identify their positions in the firing order, this will help to make sure they do not get mixed up. Always use a spark plug socket to remove the spark plugs. We use a spark plug socket because the inside of the socket is lined with rubber to help cushion the spark plug insulator, which is made of porcelain and can be easily cracked or broken removing or installing. If a spark plug insulator is cracked or broken the engine will misfire as the ignition spark will travel to the engine block (ground) instead of the spark plug gap (between the electrodes).


Before installing spark plugs always inspect the spark plug mounting hole threads, check for rust and debris, clean and lubricate as needed. If spark plug threads are damaged use a thread cleaner or tap loaded with grease to catch the metal chips that would go into the combustion chamber. Also use a can of compressed air with the long plastic extension the can comes with the can and insert into the spark plug hole down into the cylinder and blow excess partials out (cover your eyes from air-born debris) to help the removal of additional particles. When removing the spark plugs organize them according to their related cylinder. Next compare your spark plugs to those on the chart below for potential or present problems. Inspect spark plug condition


Step 3 - When reinstalling new plugs be sure the spark plugs you are installing are made for your car and engine size. Do not install spark plugs just because they fit, design issues can cause internal engine damage, example: if the spark plug electrode is to long it can damage the piston. Use a spark plug gapping tool to check the measurement between the electrodes, most spark plug gaps are between .035 and .045. This gap is important because it determines the amount of resistance used to "time" the ignition system. An incorrect spark plug gap will result in low power, poor mileage and possibly a check engine light notice. For the exact measurement for your car consult a car repair manual.


Remove the spark plug from the box or container and inspect the new plug for damage that could have occurred in shipping. A spark plug has a porcelain isolator that is fragile and can crack easily. Reinstall the spark plug and install the new spark plug wire. Most of the time a spark plug will come "pre-set" and ready to install. Continue the process until all spark plugs and spark plug wires have been replaced. Be sure to use OE (original equipment) parts for your car or truck to insure the proper performance from your vehicle.


Step 4 - When reinstalling the new spark plug make sure the sealing gasket is located on the threaded part of the spark plug, some spark plugs do not have a sealing ring, this is normal. Only tighten the spark plugs to "snug" and install a small portion of anti-seize grease to ensure proper installation. Save the old spark plug in the new spark plug boxes, store them for future reference. Once you have completed the spark plug change start the engine and inspect the running condition, it should be smooth with no extra noises. If your engine is running rough double check the spark plug wires to make sure one has not popped off or that the plug wires are in the right order.




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